I grew up in the country and as a child I always found the best playground to be outside in nature. The outdoors always offers unlimited possibilities to be imaginative and creative in play. These days I find being outdoors in nature therapeutic and it offers creative opportunities for my children, as well as my photography.

The childhood literature and classic stories have been a major influence in shaping my creativity. I believe reading has influenced the way I see things in my mind’s eye. Reading can take you on so many adventures without even having to leave home! I particularly love the illustrations in the classic childhood literature and fairy tales. These types of images are so intriguing and beautiful to spark young children’s imaginations.

I have enjoyed craft projects since my childhood. I remember spending countless hours in my creative space either drawing, colouring, painting and making things with paper or items nature… Everything I created was something which came from my imagination!

Even though I had a very creative childhood, during high school I fell in love with Science. I graduated from university with degrees in Chemistry, including a PhD. Working in a scientific field for over a decade and a career in the cosmetic industry was an extremely creative time. I worked with my creativity in a structured fashion and this experience has made me an organized and methodical planner! This process has influenced how I work as an Artist immensely – using structure and planning as a foundation for my art.

Since becoming a mother, I found myself re-living my old childhood interests again and sharing these with my two children. I began to use my camera more during this time (something I had never creatively pursued before) and I started formally studying Photography while enjoying motherhood. It has been a great pleasure to meet other Artists studying at the Centre for Creative Photography who also are a great source of inspiration, all with their own interests and photographic styles. Art is a great source of inspiration and I find it interesting how other artists work with their mediums giving insight into their unique imaginations and backgrounds.

All of these experiences over the years have influenced my photographic style of today. I am passionate about childhood and the power of the imagination and I love using natural environment as a backdrop.

A great majority of my work is Tableau (set-up and planned scenes). These images are staged and made to look candid/natural. The scene, props and background are pre-planned and the children relax into the scene (often absorbed in the activity they are doing). The image is then captured when the subjects are relaxed and enjoying the moment…


Sometimes I photograph images I see in my mind’s eye. The whole scene is created in one single photograph and crafted and created from natural objects. The characters that emerge always incorporate some type of ‘human quality or expression’… my children love these sorts of images.


I have an ongoing desire to grow and develop my skills further and to continue to challenge myself. Over the two years I have worked hard to gain the skills needed to create photographic digital composites – these images contain a number of different photographs that are blended into a single scene to tell a story (these images could not be photographed as a single image). These images are ideas that I have envisaged in my mind’s eye and I enjoy sparking the imagination of my little subjects with this type of work.


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