The Tableau Series


This is a little series I created just for fun! I enjoy creating scenes which bring everyday items, food or nature to life by creating little characters. Most of the images shown below were created while I was studying the Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging. During my studies, I enjoyed creating Tableau scenes (set-up and pre-planned images).

I enjoy the challenge of creating a scene from my mind’s eye and then bringing it to life! Unlike my In a Daydream… series (where whimsical scenes are created and pieced together from numerous photographs), here, in The Tableau Series, the whole scene is crafted, set-up and created in one single photograph. The characters that I create always have some type of ‘human quality and expression’.


Made to create a smile…

My children love it when I create these sorts of images! As you may have guessed, I created most of these when my children were very young toddlers… reading children’s books to my young boys clearly influenced some of these ideas!  I rarely get a lot of time to make these sort of images these days, but I still have a note book full of sketched up ideas waiting for me!

Selected images from ‘The Tableau Series’ are shown below… even if they bring you a ‘small smile’ today, it means they have earnt their place on my website by sharing them here with you!


“If we could see through the eyes of a child, everything would be wondrous and magical…”

‘Building Snowmen’ © 2015 from The Tableau Series

‘In the Garden’ © 2014 from The Tableau Series

‘Swinging from the Branches’ © 2015 from The Tableau Series

‘One night in the Kitchen…’ © 2016 from The Tableau Series

‘Christmas in the Forest’ © 2015 from The Tableau Series

‘In the Garden #2′ © 2014 from The Tableau Series

‘Eggscape from Alcatraz’ © 2014 from The Tableau Series

‘Humpty for Breakfast’ © 2014 from The Tableau Series

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