The World of Swevenia – FINE ART

The artworks and visions presented here are just a small glimpse into a land far away, …Swevenia. It is a place I know exists… An escape, where I enjoy spending my time… A realm full of wonder, with captivating characters and personalities that make me smile…. it is an enchanting land where I find myself returning time and time again…

This is my happy place… I am passionate about this personal project and I plan on adding many more images to this collection for years to come!

I hope with these images we can all remember that magic really does exist in each of us – in our imaginations. We need to remember that some journeys can take you far from home, when you close your eyes in stillness… and just daydream!

“They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night…” – Edgar Allan Poe


Photographic Artist and Creator of Swevenia.

All images and related stories © Bec Joannou (2021). All rights reserved.


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