ESCAPE to a MAGICAL place…


Enchanting Imagery with a splash of magic!

Childhood is a magical place where I always find my nostalgic heart. We all have the power within us to imagine, escape and journey to new worlds.

Combining the natural environment with my subjects to create a scene where humans, animals and whimsical characters coexist and communicate (as if it was a natural phenomenon) is the foundation of my Art. I endeavour to captivate the viewer with a story rich in details, emotion and expressions. Nature play and children enjoying the outdoors is a strong focus in my Art. I am inspired by the children’s literature and the notions of escaping to a whimsical place that does exist – in our unique and individual imaginations!

Can you see your children in a storybook image?

When photographing children for these types of images, a little bit of pretending and role play is required… then I can create the magic!

The best thing about creating these types of images is presenting them to the child/children after the artwork is completed! The look of astonishment, awe and delight all in one expression is such a joy for me to see! It is a privilege to sprinkle a little magic into my little subject’s lives!

Get in touch…

I’d love to hear about your ideas and work together to create an artwork piece that includes your children!




In a Daydream…

A tale of loss, friendship and loyalty… with a splash of magic!

“Some journeys take you far from home, when you close your eyes in stillness… and Daydream.”


In a Daydream… the images from the photographic narrative


The 10 images in the slide show (below) are from my photographic narrative, In a Daydream… This project was completed over a number of months and the series was exhibited at the group Exhibition, Harvest (April 12 – June 22, 2019). Images from this series are also available to purchase as framed Fine Art Pieces.

Collectively, all 10 images from this series produce a heart-warming tale. However, in saying that, each individual image is rich in detail and tells a story as a stand alone piece. Each artwork is made up from a number of separate photographs that are pieced together and blended to create a composite (an image containing a numerous photographs) using digital post-productions techniques. Similar images can be created for your children.

Creating Magical Imagery


I love creating whimsical, dream-like imagery and sparking the imagination of others. I want adults and children to look at these images and take the time to ‘wonder’… to rediscover the magic of the imagination and escape to another world… even if just for a fleeting moment.

Commissioned Fine Art Pieces are beautifully presented to clients as a set ‘Fine Art Collection’ of products and do not include printable Digital Files.

These types of images are Quoted Separately (depending on the complexity and the time and skill required to create it) and are not included as part of a standard ‘Portrait Session’.

Please get in contact with me via email or phone to find out more! Remember… it starts with an idea… let’s plant the seed and see what grows!

“An idea is like a small seed… when it is planted and nurtured… that is when the magic happens!”


“Some journeys take you far from home, when you close your eyes in stillness… and just Daydream.”


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