This year I had an amazing opportunity to photograph a sweet 7-year-old dancer and capture her in many of her gorgeous dance dresses. This talented little girl has been dancing for over four years and enjoys weekly dance classes, competitions and concerts. Her mother wanted me to capture a variety of special photographs of her daughter in these amazing dresses while she was still able to fit in them! Every year the dance costumes change and as we all know time certainly flies when we are busy and our children tend to grow taller without us even noticing…

My little friend is very talented and can dance a variety of styles including Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop. Capturing this little girl in her beautiful dance attire was such a privilege. I hope these images will always give her family wonderful memories of her dance days and her costumes for 2007-2018 as well as capture their daughter just how she was at the time she performed in these stunning dresses!

I had so much fun spending a number of afternoons with this sweet girl and her amazing Mummy! We enjoyed the sunshine, shared a lot of giggles and together we worked on creating a vision for different looks, selected backdrops and outdoor locations to suit the various costumes and dance style.

I also wanted to add a surprise for my dancing friend. I planned and created some unique images to suit my “In a Daydream…” series! In these images, my little model had to use her imagination as I photographed her! She did this so well and I was able to add the “magic” to these images afterwards! I was so thrilled to see her smile, gasp with awe and astonishment when I showed her the final images of her with rabbits in the forest and the image where she is sparkling with wings and is reading a special fairy message ‘All you need to do is fly…”! The look on her face was honestly enough to melt my heart!

…and if that wasn’t enough, I was completely honoured when she recently invited me to her final Dance Concert for this year! I immediately accepted her kind invitation and I am just so excited to see her dance on stage in mid-December!


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