“A photograph is so much more than the paper it is printed on!

The moment of life it represents can never be repeated.
The ‘art of life’ is infused into its fibres like a fine painting.
It’s tangible existence has the ability to evoke the human emotion.
It is of sentimental value to the soul.
It is a memory, frozen – crystallizing the moment.
It stops an instant in time, altering it forever as a moment of stillness…
It is a ‘time capsule’, a way to recall special moments that have now passed.
It captures souls.
It is like a pressed flower, the fresh fragrance of the moment has passed, but the beauty remains.
It tells a story of a thousand words.It connects you with stories of moments shared and times gone by.

It is a magic portal that transports you to the past, where ever you are.

When you look at family photographs, it’s like reading that ‘magic line’ of a poem over and over…
…because the story of those moments will always take your breath away.”

Written by: Bec ©2018

Please make sure that YOU appear in your family photographs and that you have them printed… they will one day prove that you existed, that you were loved and you will ALWAYS be remembered for generations to come…


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