Voir le Visions – means ‘see the visions’.

This is how I approach the majority of my photography and artwork…

When I create images, I often start with an idea and a ‘vision’ in my mind’s eye. I enjoy using photography to transform my vision into an image, so that others can ‘see’ it too! An example of this can be seen in my In a Daydream… series of composite images.

My artwork cannot be ‘forced’ and the images that I create must ‘feel’ right within my heart. I believe magic happens when you put a piece of yourself into your work. Seeing comes first, before thoughts or words and I believe what we see reflects who we are – we see our SOUL in the things we love.

My love of image making started after becoming a new Mum. When my boys were toddlers, they were the “visions” before myself and my camera every day!

I love photographing children & photography has given me a wonderful opportunity to challenge my creativity.

I am passionate about creating scenes which I have envisioned, planned and photographed… and bringing them to life!

Photographer – Voir le Visions Photography

“An idea is like a small seed… when it is planted and nurtured… that is when the magic happens!”


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