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Combining the natural environment with my subjects to create a scene where humans, animals and whimsical characters coexist and communicate (as if it was a natural phenomenon) is the foundation of my Art. I endeavour to captivate the viewer with a story rich in details, emotion and expressions. Nature play and children enjoying the outdoors is a strong focus in my Art. I am inspired by the children’s literature and the notions of escaping to a whimsical place that does exist – in our unique and individual imaginations!

The series, In a Daydream… was created for the Harvest Exhibition (April 12 – June 22, 2019). This project was completed over a number of months. The image making process involved a great deal of planning, photographing and months of complex digital post-production. Collectively, all 10 images from the series produce a heart-warming tale. However, in saying that, each individual image tells a story as a stand-alone piece. Every image is made up of a number of separate photographs, that are blended together to create a composite using Photoshop.

The Light Bulb Moment – Adding Music!

After all 10 images were constructed and the story was established, I began working on refining each image and adding small details to enhance the storytelling. While I was working in Photoshop, I listened to the beautiful, ambient and atmospheric music of Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, Ólafur Arnalds (Albums: ‘Re:member’ and ‘Living Room Songs’). Listening to this reflective music helped me to focus, it drew me further into the story and the whimsical world that I had created. It was during this time that I was inspired to create a ‘film clip’ for the In a Daydream.. story.

I spent hours searching for music which would suit the story and it’s magical ending. I discovered a beautiful song with a melancholic sound called Distant Memory, by Tomasz Chrostowski. My husband, John, helped me to create the In a Daydream… The Film Clip – it became the floating visual narrative that I had ‘daydreamed’ about during the final editing weeks…

Show your friends and children the In a Daydream… The Film Clip! If you are on a larger screen, be sure to select the HD and highest viewing quality option in YouTube.


Can you see your children in a storybook image?

Similar images can be created for your children! Remember… it all begins with an idea… let’s plant a seed and see what grows! Please get in contact with me via email to find out more!

Find In a Daydream… The Film Clip below.


An idea is like a small seed… when it is planted and nurtured… that is when the magic happens! – Bec


Sending you all Warmest Regards,


In a Daydream… A tale of loss, friendship and loyalty… with a splash of magic!



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