I have revealed ten new and unique artworks at the Harvest Exhibition in April, which when viewed collectively, create a heart-warming narrative. I have titled this series In a Daydream…

Five months ago, after initially meeting with the artists who are part of the Harvest Exhibition, my series for this exhibition did not exist at all! All I knew, was that I wanted to create something special and magical. I set myself two challenges for the artwork that I endeavoured to create for this project:

  1. I wanted to create a series of complex digital composites which were created from all of my own photographs – this was very important to me. The majority of images in the series contain between 8-36 individual photographs per artwork.
  2. I really wanted to create a story/narrative for the series. When I began work on the series – I had no idea about what the story was going to be or how it would develop. So, without “over-thinking” it… I just started to create something that felt ‘right’ at the time… I had to start somewhere!

I always plan and start with a rough sketch and write down everything I need to consider for creating the image I envisage. The first image I sketched up, planned and created was called LOST.

Original Sketch Idea of the image ‘Lost’


‘Lost’ from the series In a Daydream…

In this image Eddie (the little rabbit in the centre) looks absolutely devastated. His brothers Marco and Jasper are with him seeking the help of the most unlikely pair, a fox and a wolf. I photographed a nest and placed it in the image in front of Eddie… the nest became a significant “key” that unlocked the story that began to unfold… The young boys wearing fox and wolf bonnets (inspired by the picture book, ‘Where the Wild things are’ – by Maurice Sendak) help to give the notion of a childhood daydream and make-believe…

I enjoy the post-production stage in Photoshop, piecing the images together and watching the artwork and story develop as new ideas continue to emerge. Almost every time I create this type of artwork, I find myself photographing new elements to add to the image as the story develops. After the final ten images in the series were drafted and constructed, I went back to the image LOST and added the broken egg shells and feathers around the nest to suggest carnage and disaster. Eddie clasps onto a feather and Jasper holds a photograph seeking the attention and help of the most unlikely pair. Adding extra elements at this stage of the project helped to add more emotion and meaning to the story-telling. As an artist, this is the most exciting part of the process! I am in the driver’s seat, but creating this type of work is like looking at the scenery out of the car window. There are so many possibilities on the creative journey and it is exciting to see where the final destination will be.

The second image I created for this series is titled THE PLAN, again it all began with an original sketch.

Original Sketch Idea of the image ‘The Plan’


‘The Plan’ from the series In a Daydream…

I purchased and created many of my own little props for these images and it was such a joy to piece together and bring them to life. In this image, Fox and Wolf have taken the three rabbits into their care … they study a map, Marco make notes and the group share refreshments before embarking on the search. The nest, feather and photograph of the missing bird sits beside Eddie on the stool…

The third image I sketched up and created is titled NAVIGATORS.

Original Sketch Idea of the image ‘Navigators’


‘Navigators’, from the series In a Daydream…

The five friends journey quietly across the river by night and “Mr Percival”, “Mr Ponder” and “Mr Proud” are with them (a small inspiration from the novel “Storm Boy”). Marco holds the map and the photograph, Jasper has an ore and little Eddie takes care of the nest and feather of his beloved, missing friend. To read more about my photographic process – and how I created this particular image, read about it here.

But… for now I will leave you with these three images… I feel like I have eaten, breathed and slept in Photoshop for the last 5 months completing this project. It has been a huge project but I am so happy with the results and I have learnt so much from the process.

I hope this has given you some insight into this unique story-telling series and I hope you’ll visit the Harvest Exhibition at Studio Bowden to see all ten Artworks on display. Make sure you view them collectively in order. Viewing the large prints you will discover so many little details in each one. I hope you enjoy the little narrative and maybe you will have your own interpretations of how the story ends…

Harvest Exhibition is open at:

Studio Bowden 13 April – 28 April 2019, on Saturday and Sundays from 10am-5pm. 91A Drayton Street Bowden, SA.

The Light Gallery from 13th May – 21 June 2019 on Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm and Friday 9am-5pm. 138 Richmond Road, Marleston, SA.

All Photographs in this post: © Voir le Visions Photography.





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