“There is MAGIC in all of us…”

“Escape to a magical world…”

“Enchanting imagery… with a splash of magic…”

“Some journeys take you far from home, when you close your eyes in stillness… and just Daydream!”

“Whimsical… Storytelling Imagery…”

“We see our SOUL in the things we love…”

“Ideas are like seeds… the magic happens
when they are planted and nurtured…”

“Meet new friends…”

“Childhood is a path of adventure…”

“Escape to Swevenia… a world far away…”

“We all need a little magic in our lives…”


WELCOME! Thank you so much for visiting!


As a Photographer and a Digital Artist, I am passionate about creating whimsical imagery of dream-like worlds far away and creative portraits for families and their children!

I would love to meet with your family and find out what your children like to do and what sparks their interest! I want to know what you’d like to see in your photographs and together as a team we can create a vision for a personalized Portrait Session for your unique family. It just starts with an idea…

Photographic Artist & Award Winning Photographer

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer



Creative Portraits

Dream Worlds – Fine Art

Fable – Milano 2020

Bec was invited to Exhibit FIVE of her NEW Artworks in the International Contemporary Art Exhibition:


M.A.D.S Milano | Italy | 4th-18th Dec 2020.

View Bec’s M.A.D.S. Artist Profile HERE & the Exhibition pieces HERE


“Childhood is a miraculous world full of adventure, fun, wonder and magic…”
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